About Us

Nacre, established in 2008, is a professional dance company whose mission is to revive/reinvigorate modern dance, a form of artistic expression that exploded in the 1920's, and bring it into the "modern" age. The purpose of Nacre, which is French for 'Mother of Pearl' is two-fold:


Watching this program was like floating through the history of dance. Not only was it a wonderful representation of Nacre's mission of preserving and honoring historic dances, but the performance embodied the passion and devotion that continues on today with newly choreographed dances."

– Christina Bombard


Thank you for supporting Nacre Dance!

Meet the talented teachers for Nacre Summer Dance Camp 2018!!

Katie Rose McLaughlin

"I've never met a director who cares more about her students. Beth Fecteau hand-picks instructors who bring a variety of dance styles and experiences to the table, to give students a chance to both try new things and learn new approaches to styles they already know. I loved getting the chance to watch the students master new challenges through individual instruction."
- Katie

Kailey McCrudden

"I am really interested in facilitating a space where dancers can explore and understand their own sense of self, physicality, and creativity. Realizing sense of momentum and weight in the body. Tapping into the individual voice. Listening to intuition."
- Kailey

Christian "Pepe" Serrano Godén

"Pepe", as he is fondly known as by his dance family, has a dance background that began in his birthplace of Puerto Rico. Christian’s journey has lead him to dance professionally with over 20 dance companies national and international in the styles of aerial, ballet, ballroom, contemporary, modern, opera and physical theater.

Sarah Foster

The Nacre program is a safe, supportive environment for students to strengthen their technique and expand their artistry. The range of classes, the quality of the teachers, and the overall experience really set this program apart as a must-do experience. I can't wait to meet this year's group of students and share my love of dance with them."
- Sarah